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Business Survival for Creatives


As I sit here staring at the curser, I keep wondering how can I be of value now more than ever. How can I help you create strategies for business survival while working from home.
There is so much going on in the world and I for one didn’t think we’d be going into 2020 with a global crisis, did you?
I was optimistic, dare I say Brexit was kind of behind us and the future was looking bright, okay, okay, better. But now how do we plan for the unknown. Or how to be plan our business strategies while working from home with so much uncertainty.
We all know that being freelance or an entrepreneur brings many highs and lows. For some this may be the first blow, but for many, who are still recovering from the last economic crash, it is more than we can bear.
It does leave you wondering what should you be doing in a time like this. How do you survive this time, even thrive, thinking of ways to future proof your business.
All I can think about is how this is affecting every type of business, the frustration, fear and anxiety that many are feeling, that I am feeling.
Determine to be of value, I wanted to share my thoughts, and give you the encouragement and support you need to take the steps required to keep moving forward in this troubling time. I kept thinking, how can working from home help you create strategies for your business survival?
Let’s use this time as a resource to pivot, grow and expand. Look back over your business and see the gaps. Use this time to fill them, take this crazy, scary circumstance that we all find ourselves in, and use it as an opportunity to breathe and dream again.


I’ve created a little business survival guide to help with ideas, tips and social planning during this uncertain time.

Tips for freelancers and entrepreneurs


You are not alone

Now more than ever is not the time to hide away, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused and lonely. Now is the time to seek a community. A place where you can vent, ask questions and plan for when this does pass. There are many ways to do this, join a Facebook group, create a weekly webinar with like-minded people, do live shoutouts on Instagram. Get creative and stay active.

Update your business platforms

The only downtime freelancers and entrepreneurs usually get in January. The rest of the time we are so busy working, that our admin, personal projects and updates get left to the wayside. Now is the time to look over your business platforms, website, social media, LinkedIn, and start to fill in those gaps.
During this quieter period, you could revisit your contracts, email templates, web copy, portfolio…all those things you’ve meant to get around too. Stay positive, get prepared for when things get busy again, remember how hectic daily life and your business can get.

Don’t shrink away

What do you post in this uncertain time, it’s hard right now, for everyone, but it’s essential to show up and stay connected. Continue to share, post content that lets people in, share your vulnerability, and life on the inside of your business. Your presence matters and people are interested in you and your business; I KNOW it’s hard, scary, overwhelming, but you can it.
You don’t have to rush in, share a little each day. Support others, offer your services, share alternative perspectives, work through challenges that are inevitable during this time. Vulnerability is what connects us all at this moment in time.

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