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All you need to know about creating content in a crisis


Each week we dive deeper into the unknown, for most, the world has ground to a halt. Those opportunities, adventures and dreams. Disappeared, leaving behind frustration, anger and anxiety.
That’s why now more than ever you need to show up. Don’t let the obstacles within this situation lead you to procrastination. I’m guilty of this too, 
  • Avoiding task by scrolling through Instagram? Yep that’s me
  • Netflix’s has now given me a gold members badge! UH-HUH
  • Flipping through magazines and now moving onto the trashy one? Well who doesn’t love a good weekly
Now that we’ve established that everyone procrastinates and that I’m obsessed with Netflicks. 

Let’s get back to reality.

You have every right to feel disheartened and demotivated. Let’s face it. A global pandemic was the last thing on all our minds. But 12 weeks of procrastination might send you a little cuckoo. So let’s get your creative juices fired up and create! Does that sound good to you? Okay, so how do you batch produce creative content for social media marketing, in the comfort of your home.

1. Position yourself around your house where the light shines through the windows

Take a look around your house, find the biggest windows. You want soft light flooding in, which means no hard shadows on your face. So, the best time to shoot is first things in the morning, between, 8:00 am and 10:30 am or late afternoon 3:00 pm onwards. Light and airy are the terms you are going for.
These light and airy spaces are your new shoot locations. Remove all clutter, keeping the focus on you and your message. Capture content that showcases your personality. Give your audience a peek behind the curtain of your life and this will help add a personal touch to your business.
I know it’s a little scary, putting yourself out there. Believe me. I’ve had sweat moustaches, uncontrollable air burps, to gargling a month full of saliva. All due to nerves! 
Don’t let fear hold you back from showing up. Keep building your business, which means keep creating that content.
The most important factor to remember, is the light. Without proper lighting, your photos will be dark, and muddy looking, not what you want. Keep the light big, soft and face it as much as you can.

2. Go grab your props, more the merrier 

Have a think and you’ll realise there are more props in your house that you could have imagined. But let’s start with the basics. 
1: Grab a mug, branded if possible, think of your business colours. Now take a few shots on the sofa, kitchen table, a chair or even on the floor. But remember. Light first, location second.


2: If you have a Laptop? Then do the above all over again. Yep, that’s right, reset and repeat.
3: Notebook, drawing pad, sketchbook, Ipad anyone, the list could go. Create, eat and repeat. Now you’re getting the hang of it.
Once you’ve taken those, let’s say nine shots. Get changed and repeat!

3. Let’s talk about the camera

Having good light is half the job, you don’t need a DSLR to get these shots. They are for social media marketing, to help with your week to month content strategy. Take them on your phone, if that’s all you have right now, or use the camera that’s available. I’m an avid believer that by using what you have it helps you become more creative.
Okay, you’ve got the nice light, you’re in your best outfit and the props are ready. How do you take the shot…
Set your camera to a timer, or ask your bf, hubby or housemate to take the shots for you, smile and have fun!
The outtakes are good and sometimes better than the actual shot!
I can’t wait to see them, why not tag me in a few @justjerrij – I’d love to help you create awesome content while at home!
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