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Why I Chose Pic-Time Over Pixieset


Visit the Pic-Time Website and fall in love with everything it has to offer.

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“At Pic-Time we believe that the impact of photography is strengthened by its presentation. We’ve designed our simple and coherent platform to resonate with all users. Our minimal aesthetic is threaded throughout our system, from the layout of greeting cards and album covers to the fluent structure of the gallery and back-end dashboard.

Are you a photographer, an artist, a creative and do you have something to sell?

If the answer is yes, then is blog is for you.

After using both Pic-Time and Pixieset to host online galleries for my photographic clients, be that weddings or commercial, I can give you my opinion of the pros and cons for each and why I chose to move over to Pic-Time.

Both Pic-Time and Pixieset are great online services. I can’t dispute that fact.

But the reason I moved over was because, as a service-based company, I wanted the opportunity to diversify my revenue stream and the storefront to Pic-Time for me is far superior, it feels more premium and glossy. This was one of the significant differences between the two platforms.


Another reason I chose to move was that Pixieset made it very difficult to offer albums – something that is considered really essential, especially if you’re shooting weddings. There is a way around setting up self-fulfillment of these orders. But let’s be honest it’s the last thing you want to think about when you’ve had weddings back-to-back, right?

I like this to be easy-breezzey, are you with me on that?!

Talking about easy-breezzy, the marketing tools for Pic-Time are a dream. It takes client communication to the next level. It helps photographers, creatives like you and I, boost sales.

How you ask…?

Through scheduled email campaigns and innovative coupons, the best part is already set-up, you’ve just got to do a few tweaks here and there. When you update your clients with new work, you can also reignite a dormant galley and bring it back to life by sharing coupons, helping to increase revenue and refreshing your customers minds about you and your awesome work.

Both platforms are easy to use systems to put together online galleries, promote prints and enable client engagements with the galleries through the social sharing button, download etc.

One of the things a creative has is A LOT of is images. Both platforms offer great storage. The best thing about this is that the online galleries also serve as a cloud backup of your JPGS image flies (but keep your raws safe on a hard drive). I often go into my older galleries to download photos to share on Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s talk about price:

I love a good bargain, gives me butterflies. Who doesn’t like to save a little cash? When I was swapping over, this was another reason, Pic-Time offers a little more value and costs less per month. Pounds back in the saving account, thank you.

Pic Time


One of the functions I’m using right now is the portfolio integration, you can either add code to your alternative site or can add the URL from PIC-TIME to your main website. As photographers, you can integrate your portfolio straight to your website and adjust the style, from color to typeface, to match your brand.

Both have great client experience and customer service. For me, it all boiled down to saving a few pounds and that awesome storefront that will serve you as an extra revenue steam.

The Store – 4 Main Features


Your clients can create beautiful products from albums and prints to calendars and greetings cards all on their own using photos straight from the galleries! You set your own pricing and select from Pic-Time’s collection of partner labs or create your own self-fulfilled products. Personally, I use their partners.


Design products through the store and digitally send them to your clients. They’ll be able to view the products and access easy checkout. Winning!


Your clients can quickly add prints and products to their cart without even leaving the gallery. While clients browse their gallery, they can add Prints, Gallery Boards and Frames quickly to their cart. Boom.

Overall Pic-Time and Pixieset offer extremely similar services. It’s in the finer details that you will find which online gallery is right for you, and I used Pixieset for a few years before moving over to Pic-Time because I needed a better storefront.

Having the capability to showcase my work, add couples, sale automation and marketing all done for me was a weight off my shoulders. On top of that, I created wedding photo albums for my clients myself, which was extremely tedious and time-consuming. We all want a little time back, right?

With Pic-Time, the built-in photo album creator allowed my clients to have control over this process, and gave me my life back during those long English summers. Given most other features of Pic-Time are at least comparable to the quality Pixieset has to offer, and yet it’s still cheaper – it’s a no brainer for me to move over to Pic-Time

Visit the Pic-Time Website and fall in love with everything it has to offer.

The entire JUSTJERRI community receives 2 exclusive free months on any paid plan when you upgrade to any paid plan by the end of your 30-day free trial. Use this awesome code JJXMR8

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