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Your Success Depends on Finding Your (Narrow) Marketing Niche


Do you know why having a niche is so important?

I mean I didn’t really understand it either. For 10 years, I kinda just shot a bit of everything. We all want to get paid right, and let’s be honest us photographers, us creatives can shoot anything at any time. 

But… I want to be real with you. Are you finding it difficult to find clients? It’s so frustrating. 

Your work’s great and we both know you work all hours of the day; editing, travelling, shooting, and like I said you can PHOTOGRAPH ANYTHING! 

So where are the clients…?

Well, I’ve been looking into this, and funnily enough, the word on the street is, you gotta niche down. Hmmm, but doesn’t that mean you’d lose out on clients?

Actually, you’d find more clients. A little bit of excitement just rushed through me. Do you want to know why you’d gain more clients?

Well, you see it’s not you it’s your audience, okay it’s a little you as well.

If you were a customer looking for a specific photographer to shoot a specific thing, would you come onto your website and know what kind of photographer you are?

Are you making it easier for your clients to book your services? You see customers don’t want a wedding photographer that shoots, corporates, events, and kids. They also don’t want a corporate photographer who shoots kids. 

Your customer wants to know that they can trust you to do their job really well. They are looking for a specialist you see. I mean my light build just went off… 

How inching down is beneficial for your business

It’s so noisy out there on the web right. 

Who has the time to sift through loads of content portfolios? Don’t you get exhausted when you have to do it?

So, imagine how your potential clients might feel when they have to figure out if you’re the right creative for them to book.

Talking about potential clients, do you know who your ideal customers are?

I know what you’re going to say, EVERYONE! 

Think about all that stress you’re putting onto your shoulders trying to serve everyone, I feel tired just thinking about it. 

When you focus, niche down on a specific market in photography, or as any creative. Suddenly, this opens up a huge opportunity of space for you to work with, mentally and physically. 

The ideas for the one niche will come pouring in. 

Oh, and did I tell you this will help you massively when you come to marketing your biz?

The more you know about yourself, your clients, your niche, the more opportunities you have to nail it and be the best in the area, giving you…


Be the big fish in a little pond, not the little fish in an ocean. Swimming for your life, ohh just had Nemo pop into my head.

Where were we?

Oh Yeah doh! If you think honing in on your photography skills will narrow your chances for success.. think again! Go on be brave, give it a go. 

If done right, identifying a specific photography niche will get you more followers on social media marketing platforms, more bookings in the calendar and more money in the bank…Can you give me an amen to that?!

How do I do it:

Let’s take I shoot everything off the table.

Ask yourself these questions:

1: If I had to shoot one thing what would it be?

2: What do I actually like shooting?

3: What do I like about shooting that one subject?

4: Is this something I would make an income off? 

Dive a little deeper:

5: Who would I be serving with this one subject?

6: What service would I be providing? 

7: Can I make alternative income from the one subject?

8: What would that be?

Whew that’s a nice amount to think about, right?

I’ve created an awesome pdf to help you brain map the life out of this thing. Once you’ve got clarity, everything else starts to fall into place.

Finding the balance between your passion and the opportunity to make a reasonable income is critical. 

Your business is your unique voice. Whether it’s a service, blog, products. Becoming focused on your niche allows you to gain insight into the issues, wants, and needs of your customers.

By getting to know your market and their market, you now have a roadmap to follow to produce better content that speaks to your ideal customers. Without it you’re kind of lost, right?

Do you feel lost, I know I did, for a long time. 

Are you starting to see how powerful niching down can be?

Narrowing down your niche will help you streamline your business, content, cashflow, life. 

Okay, okay maybe I went a little bit over the top, not life. 

But it will help you find success with less stress. It’s a game-changer, eek getting butterflies right, I am super excited for you. 

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions?

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