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Expand Your Expertise

(Even if you've never switched on a flash head, or shot in a studio)

How to Become the In-Demand Photographer You Dream Of Being

The Professional Photography Studio Course

Work All Year Round

Double Your Income


Some even go bankrupt and have to return to their usual, unsatisfying jobs!

But that doesn’t mean that building the photography business of your dreams is impossible. 

In fact, I’m living proof that it’s not.

But look, the unfortunate truth is that anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer nowadays.

Which means in order to succeed and position yourself as an expert in the space...

Did you know that most photographers who try to build their own business fail miserably?

Hey, friend!

It's True. need to STAND OUT and OFFER MORE!

Without the appropriate business knowledge and the skills you need to set up your studio for success, you'll struggle to find work all-year-round, secure your ideal clients or reach your monthly income goals.

My friend, I've been there…

I know it can be difficult to even know where to begin with all of this.

And that’s why I’ve done the hard work, so that you don’t have to, and created a simple solution to every budding photography business owner’s problem. 

Photography Education For Photographers...  Created by a Photographer With a Decade of Industry Experience.

This 2 day, intensive workshop is designed to assist you in developing your confidence in a fast-paced, professional studio environment.

Myself and my team will be on hand to show you what it takes to build a photographic studio, and guide you while you set up lights, backdrops, shoot to capture, and learn the principles of grading, all while optimising your workflow...

I invite you to join me and step into the world of a typical commercial shoot.

Let Me Introduce You to:
The Professional Photography Studio Course

You'll learn everything you need to turn your photography business into a success.


I'm ready to get started!

Dates: COMING SOON (Weekend)

Location: TBC, London

Times: 9.30AM - 5.30PM each day

Fee: £997 (£498.50 deposit required to confirm your seat). The rest of the payment is due 14 Days before the event start date.

Fee Includes: A light breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Does not include flight, accommodation or transportation. 

London Workshop - COMING 2021


No problem - in this fully-fledged photography workshop, you’ll gain hands-on experience setting up professional photographic equipment within a studio setting.


Is this you?

If this sounds like you,
it’s time to turn things around.

If you’re ready to take action and learn how to become the photographer you’ve always dreamed of being, then this workshop is 100% for you.


Are you frustrated and anxious about setting up a professional kit and speaking photographic jargon in front of clients and your team?

Are you overwhelmed with the saturation of the photography industry, and lacking the knowledge and skills to stand out from the rest?

Are you an aspiring photographer, currently looking to assist, but have little or no experience within a fast-paced studio environment?

Are you a budding photographer trying to break into the industry but have never set up a fully functioning professional commercial studio?

Are you a daylight photographer, with little or no knowledge of flash in a studio or location environment?

Think about it, if you don’t overcome these obstacles now, you might:

Never grow in confidence and struggle to step into your full potential.

Not differentiate yourself from the competition enough to bag the high paying jobs you’ve always wanted to work on.

Wind up working paycheck to paycheck and never feel the benefits of a business that provides you with freedom and financial fulfilment.




Just imagine you get booked for that big job, the next stepping stone that could really propel your career, but it's in a studio with a big crew, loads of tech, lighting requests and you're expected to lead; your career is literally in other people's hands!

Here’s what you’ll get if you attend this workshop:

Well don't worry, I have GREAT NEWS for you!

This workshop will give you everything you need to upgrade your skills to a professional level. Just imagine you walk into that shoot with confidence, expertise and knowledge. You are the respected LEADER on set.

That’s what will happen if you decide to invest in yourself and this workshop.

Imagine walking onto your momentous studio photoshoot, feeling your most confident, creative, and magnetic self, knowing


You'll be guided by a photographer with over 2 decades of experience working on advertising jobs globally, and a team that is currently working full-time within the industry.

You'll have all the hands-on experience you need from this workshop which will enable you to take on a variety of jobs.

You'll learn how to stay calm and collected in even the most crucial career situations because you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. In fact, you’ll be in your element.

Gain a deeper understanding of a variety of professional photographic equipment so you can build your knowledge and confidence, knowing you can accept any client brief and shoot no matter the location or weather. 

And most importantly… become the LEADER on set.

This workshop will EMPOWER you to confidently hold your own, so you don't have to rely on others and can get the job done your way.

And that’s not all...

Once you’ve cultivated the confidence to take control of your photoshoots, you’ll:

Deep dive into the business of photography, learn how to attract your ideal clients and generate an income at will and on-demand.


Get to grips with the most up-to-date photographic software and workflow, saving you hours of post-production time, giving you more free time to be creative and do what you love!

Learn in a safe, non-judgemental environment and rid yourself of all that technical dread, so you don't freeze on that important job.

Immerse yourself in the value of your expertise and learn how to price yourself accordingly, so you don't have to battle for every job.

Understand how to use social media to market yourself and your business, learning the tricks of the trade that will propel your business forward into the path of profitability.

Discover how to make your business profitable with the 20/80 philosophy!


Say YES To Upgrading Your Skills and Stepping into Success

The Professional Photography Studio Course in London aims to develop all abilities in photography no matter what level the participants are already working at.


It’s perfect for you if:

You’re a beginner and have never set up a professional, commercial studio before and want to learn how.

You’re a photographic assistant who wants to gain experience on set before finding work in the commercial, fashion or advertising world.

You’re already a professional photographer who works with daylight and wants to become more skilled in flash.


My journey began in front of the camera, and as much as I’d like to say it was a happy time - if I’m totally honest, it wasn’t quite. I was lost and confused, and every shoot took me a little bit further away from who I really was.     

So, when I left university feeling like the world was my oyster, I set out to move behind the camera and build my own photography business. However, I soon realised that if I wanted to achieve my grandiose goals, I was going to have to work, and I was going to have to work HARD.

So that’s exactly what I did, and after years of sacrifices (think: missing birthdays and weddings, and losing friends as a result!), I finally achieved every goal on my list… I had a house, a pension, and was earning up to the threshold of £87k.

But I hadn’t achieved happiness.

Why? Because I was entirely exhausted. I was putting so much into my business to keep it afloat, that when it came to anything outside of that... I had nothing left to give. I was empty. And I realised my way of working (and living) was just not sustainable.

I’d been stuck, like a hamster on a wheel - running round, and round, and round, but never quite getting anywhere. I was surviving, but I sure as hell wasn’t thriving.

So then I asked myself… what would it take for me to thrive? For me to be happy?



I’m Jerri - a photographer and confidence coach to creators.

Now, before we go any further, let me introduce myself...

And that’s when I realised that I needed to make my business work for ME, as much as I worked for it. 

I needed it to be consistently prosperous, so that I could live the lifestyle I wanted. I needed recurring revenue, so that I could afford to take time off. I needed to be able to choose my ideal clients, instead of working with anyone that came my way. I needed to live freely, remotely and enjoy holidays and quality time with my friends and family. And I needed the confidence to truly go out there and take what I knew was mine.

And today? That’s exactly what I’ve got.

Which leads me to you.

I went from working hard to working SMART, and put processes in place that allowed me to not only build the business of my dreams, but live the life of my dreams too. 

And now I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people like you (people like me!) achieve their goals and grab life by the horns.

Everything I share with you is intended to guide you to make empowered business decisions… that you can be the extraordinary person you are, and live the life of your dreams too - whatever that looks like.

So know this… everything you desire and deserve is yours for the taking, and with my help, you can go out there and get it.

Let's do this!

This photography workshop will give you the confidence to work with a variety of kits within a studio or on location.

We’d be honoured to help you on your journey to professional success in the photography world.

It will provide you with hands-on, practical studio experience, and knowledge of professional photographic equipment.

You’ll be working with me, an experienced, professional photographer, and my team of assistants - so all of the advice and guidance you’ll receive will be contemporary and invaluable for navigating the industry post-workshop.



Attendee numbers for this workshop are small and exclusive, which means we have time to focus on individuals and cater to every photographer’s needs; whether you are an amateur, an industry professional or specialise in an entirely different field of photography altogether. 


We are sure that after the two days you will leave with new ideas, knowledge and most of all – inspiration and guidance to put into your own practice.


You will also get an invite to our private workshop community group on Facebook - where you can extend the conversation after the workshop, ask questions, share work and get feedback from your peers!


I'm ready to get started!

Dates: COMING SOON (Weekend)

Location: TBC, London

Times: 9.30AM - 5.30PM each day

Fee: £997 (£498.50 deposit required to confirm your seat). The rest of the payment is due 14 Days before the event start date.

Fee Includes: A light breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Does not include flight, accommodation or transportation. 

London Workshop - COMING 2021



This is a HUGE bonus, considering the usual value is £200!

PLUS you'll get access to:

 The Photographer’s Business Plan


How to niche down

How to find clients

 digital marketing

What the 2 Ms' are!

The secret to success

How to plan & action it

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of being a fully booked, highly paid photographer?

And get clear & actionable steps  to reach your goals?


But I’ve got even better news…

The Photography Business Plan, also includes £250 worth of bonuses, completely FREE.

Email and DM Swipe Files - £75
To take the awkwardness out of and add the confidence into pitching people, and help you create a deep and meaningful connection with your client.

Lead Tracker - £50
Keep track of every lead and what stage they're in in the marketing process (cold, warm and hot) so you know how much nurturing they need to convert to custom.

Watertight Contract Template - £50
To make sure you’re covered, and aren’t liable for anything legally! It’s not enough to download a client off the internet, you have to personalise it to the photography business specifically!

Invoice Template - £25
So that, from an accounting perspective, you have everything you need to keep your books right (and theirs)!

Client Tracker - £50
Keep a pulse on your clients, both old and new; who they are and what they do, as the people who’ve paid you are the hottest leads of all.











Yes - you get £250 worth of client acquisition templates, checklists, cheat sheets and plug-and-play swipe files (with all the copy written for you) for FREE if you sign up during the launch.

Want to secure your spot right away and save yourself some money?
Pay in full and save yourself £.


One time Payment


Want to spread the costs to make things more affordable? Sign up via a payment plan and pay a smaller amount each month!


2 Payments

Yes! Let's Do This, Join Waiting List!

Yes! Let's Do This,
Join Waiting List!


By booking this workshop you are agreeing to the terms & conditions. Please read before booking. 

All equipment will be sanitised and COVID-19 protected. Hands will need to be washed before equipment is touched and hand sanitiser will be readily available throughout the day. The studio is a non-smoking area. 

Health and Saftey 

There will be limited parking facilities within the studio compound which will be on a first-come first-served basis. The studio will be based in Central London with easy access by bus and tube.

On payment, you'll be sent an invoice with a holding date. On final payment you'll be sent all of the required details two weeks prior to the workshop taking place. 

How Do I Get The Details?

There will be a 10-minute break morning and afternoon, as well as a 1 hour lunch break. 

Will There Be Breaks?

There will be snacks and coffee in the morning. Lunch will not be provided. It is recommended that you bring your own or head to the local supermarket, or deli that will be open within the surrounding area.

Will Food Be Provided?

You will not need to bring a camera with you, as you'll be setting up the studio camera that's available for this specific workshop. Bring a notepad, laptop or iPad to take notes. The workshop coursework will be delivered in full via email. 

Do I Need to bring anything with me? 

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